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Nikolas Lintunen Marine Surveyor

Serving Southern Ontario

What is a marine survey and why do I need one?

A marine survey is a physical inspection of the structure and systems of a boat. A surveyor inspects and inventories all of the contents of the boat (safety equipment, sails ect.) and researches a current market retail value for the boat. When you read your detailed report, it will most likely include several things, both good and bad, that you did not initially notice about the boat.

Buying a boat can be a gamble, a surveyor cannot provide a guarantee that a boat will be free of defects (they rarely are). What a surveyor can do is provide an experienced eye and a professional opinion to greatly improve the odds that your purchase will be a successful one. When you are buying a boat, the Marine Surveyor is the

only person throughout the entire process who is working for


How do I select a Marine Surveyor?

Selecting a marine surveyor is just like selecting any other professional, you have to do some home work, get references and check credentials. Surveyors are not licensed or regulated by any provincial or federal government so make sure that the surveyor you hire is accredited by a professional organization. The only professional organization based in Canada is the Canadian Association of Certified Marine Surveyors (CACMS) and is a good place to look for a reliable surveyor in your area.

Who pays for a pre-purchase survey?

The cost of a pre-purchase survey is typically born by the buyer.

Who pays for an insurance survey?

The cost of an insurance survey is typically born by the boat owner or policy holder. The boat owner hires the surveyor, not the insurance company.